Annika Schiller

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The calculation of long range interactions is a computationally demanding task in particle based simulations. To reduce the computational complexity from O(N<sup>2</sup>) to O(N) an algorithm based on a fast 2d-Wavelet transform technique was developed. In this algorithm, a CPU and memory demanding part is to construct the 2d-Wavelet transform of a grid(More)
The Cell Superscalar framework (CellSs), from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, offers a high-level portable programming model to port, parallelise and tune applications on Cell Broadband Engine. Via implementation of a Jacobi solver and a triple-matrix-multiply (TMM) kernel from a wavelet-based evaluation of Coulomb potentials in molecular systems, using(More)
A QS20 Memory Management 40 i ii CONTENTS B SUMMA Algorithm 43 Introduction In the near future computer platforms will be based on multicore processors which will concentrate dozens or even hundreds of cores on a chip. Hence the number of cores in a high performance cluster will increase to hundreds of thousands. As a result, sequential and parallel(More)
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