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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Evidence-based medicine in otolaryngology literature continues to be lacking, especially with regard to new products brought to market. The marketing of products often includes statements of benefit that have limited objective support in research or literature. To address this, and to adequately determine product(More)
Two amide [2]rotaxanes were synthesized in high yields using a novel N,N'-dipropargyl diketopiperazine axle centerpiece as the template to which the stoppers are attached through "click chemistry". (1)H and 2D NMR spectra provide evidence for two different H-bonding motifs, in one of which the triazole CH groups form C-H···O═C bonds with the wheel carbonyl(More)
Mycobacterium chelonae is a rapidly growing nontuberculous Mycobacterium and an uncommon cause of aggressive, treatment-resistant ocular and periocular infection. This is the first known case report of a woman who developed unilateral M. chelonae dacryocystitis after undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery and right endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) with(More)
Let L be a lattice in R n. We upper bound the number of points of L contained in a small sphere, centered anywhere in R n. One way to do this is based on the observation that if the radius of the sphere is sufficiently small then the lattice points contained in that sphere give rise to a spherical code with a certain minimum angle. Another method involves(More)
Recurrent head and neck malignancies remain a therapeutic challenge. Tissue transfer, in addition to defect coverage and prevention of wound complications, may potentially decrease radiotoxicity. We evaluated radiation toxicity and survival outcomes of patients who underwent salvage surgery with reirradiation, comparing primary closure to flap(More)