Annika Larsson

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There are good reasons to expect that future neonatal screening will expand both to include more disorders and to cover more of the global newborn population. Disorders for which neonatal screening will be given high priority in the health care field in the future are CH and PKU. Screening for CH is likely to expand faster than screening for PKU, especially(More)
Cancer pain is a difficult symptom for patients to handle, causing patients extreme discomfort and a decreased quality of life. To support independent pain control for patients with refractory pain while staying in their home, an intrathecal approach for continuous pain management with patient-controlled extra doses from an external pump was implemented.(More)
Combinations of bacteria isolated from the root canals of teeth with necrotic pulps and periapical bone destruction were tested for their capacity to induce abscess formation and transmissible infections when inoculated subcutaneously into guinea pigs. Transmissible infections could be induced with combinations obtained from teeth with purulent apical(More)
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