Annika Laine

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Industrial relationships consist of different phases, ranging from establishment to termination. Of all phases, the termination process has been studied least. In order to get a holistic understanding of industrial relationship, more research is needed within this area. Several researchers have recently stressed the importance of studying the termination of(More)
Sources of conflict in cooperation between competitors-Abstract Industrial relationships have in general been viewed as long term, consisting of mutual commitment and trust. This is a fairly static view that concentrates on the more positive side of relationships. Industrial relationships are not static, but dynamic, and contain both positive and negative(More)
The U-model is one way of analyzing the process of internationalization. The primarily aim of this paper is to explore in what way the model suits reality concerning Finnish SMEs. Thepaper also briefly examines the SMEs’ “co-operation” concerning different activities, with different parties both in Finland and abroad as a base for further studies that will(More)
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