Annika Kriisa

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Large changes in the electrical resistance induced by the application of a small magnetic field are potentially useful for device-applications. Such Giant Magneto-Resistance (GMR) effects also provide new insights into the physical phenomena involved in the associated electronic transport. This study examines a "bell-shape" negative GMR that grows in(More)
Negative diagonal magneto-conductivity/resistivity is a spectacular- and thought provoking-property of driven, far-from-equilibrium, low dimensional electronic systems. The physical response of this exotic electronic state is not yet fully understood since it is rarely encountered in experiment. The microwave-radiation-induced zero-resistance state in the(More)
How the presence of electric fields alters the miscibility of mixtures has been studied since the 1960s with conflicting reports on both the magnitude and direction of the shift in the phase separation temperature Ts. Theoretical understanding of the phenomenon has been hampered by the lack of experimental data with unambiguously large shifts in Ts outside(More)
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