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Cummins P (2015) An evaluation of onshore digital elevation models for modeling tsunami inundation zones. A sensitivity study is undertaken to assess the utility of different onshore digital elevation models (DEMs) for simulating the extent of tsunami inundation using case studies from two locations in Indonesia. We compare airborne IFSAR, ASTER, and SRTM(More)
It is generally assumed that the correlational cuing effect (CE) between targets and correlated flankers is due to learning association between the flankers and their correlated responses. The present study challenges this view. Experiment 1 shows that the CE for targets composed of color is eliminated as soon as the correlation is removed. Experiment 2(More)
The formation of dipoles at interfaces between organic semiconductors is expected to play a significant role in the operation of organic-based devices, though the electronic processes at their origin have still to be clearly elucidated. Quantum-chemical calculations can prove very useful to shed light on such electronic interfacial phenomena provided that a(More)
The most common representation of sea ice dynamics in climate models assumes that sea ice is a quasi-continuous non-normal fluid with a viscous-plastic rheology. This rheology leads to non-linear sea ice momentum equations that are notoriously difficult to solve. Recently a Jacobian-free Newton-Krylov (JFNK) solver was shown to solve the equations(More)
Non invasive flow measurement principles are required in various industrial and agricultural applications. Among other principles capacitive sensing offers an elegant solution to measure granular material flow. In this paper the principle of spatial filtering, which is widely used in the world of optical measurement, is applied for a capacitive flow meter.(More)
This paper presents a capacitive cross-correlation flowmeter for the pneumatic conveying of bulk solids and the determination of the 3D sensitivity function of the sensor. A discrete perturbation approach is made for both the sensitivity determination by means of Finite Element Analysis and by means of measurement with a prototype sensor. The obtained(More)
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