Annika Franck

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OBJECTIVES Since the proportion of elderly people with an insufficient intake of nutrients is high and many of the elderly have poor odour perception or poor dental state, in this study, the relation between age, odour perception, dental state and nutrient intake is explored. DESIGN Single centre cross sectional study. SETTING Independently living(More)
In recent years research on senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (SDAT) has made progress within the field of pathology and to a certain extent in that of heredity. Within epidemiology, the search for risk factors is intensifying but the findings are still inconclusive. The present study of possible risk factors concentrates on environmental and(More)
The concept of alexithymia was scrutinized in a group of female patients with eating disorders: 15 anorectics and 13 bulimics (mean age of 27 yr.), plus a control group of 21 (mean age 38 yr.). Subjects were interviewed and tested. In the main test an ambiguous face was flashed briefly on a screen opposite the viewer who had to describe her impressions. To(More)
In this study, a total population, the 1957 Lundby cohort, was investigated with regard to the incidence of vascular dementia over a 15-year period, and to provide a succeeding study with basic data concerning the background factors for vascular dementia. The 1957 cohort comprises 2,612 persons who were registered in the geographically delimited Lundby area(More)
Recent experience using 23 oligonucleotides to diagnose avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBV) is described. In a number of field collected samples with sunblotch symptoms, the probe was unsuccessful in detecting the viroid. The sunblotch viroid varies greatly from branch to branch in a tree. Tree to tree variation is also common. However, the probe can be used(More)
Vascular dementia represents a group of diseases of great medical and social impact. Its etiology is largely unknown but is most likely multifactorial. Factors related to the brain circulation are involved. The aim of the present study was to find out if personality and social background factors might have a clear precipitating or protective value. This(More)
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