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We have developed a novel instrument platform, GenomEra, for small-scale analysis of nucleic acids. The platform combines a rapid thermal cycler, an integrated time-resolved fluorescence measurement unit, and user-friendly software for the analysis of results. Disposable low-cost plastic reaction vessels are designed specifically for the instrument and(More)
We describe a system consisting of rapid sample enrichment and homogeneous end-point PCR analysis that enables the detection of Salmonella in various food matrices in 8 h. Sample preparation starts with 6 h enrichment step in supplemented broth, after which Salmonella cells are collected with immunomagnetic particles. The particles are washed and dispensed(More)
plasma samples from patients with CIN II and early stages of cervical cancer. Samples from patients with CIN II (n 4) had slightly abnormal thermograms. Samples from patients with early stage cervical cancer (n 3) had moderately abnormal thermograms with a slight degree of albumin shifting. Compared with thermograms of samples from healthy individuals,(More)
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