AnnieBelle J. Sassine

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Hydroxocobalamin is a powerful cyanide antidote that prevents sodium nitroprusside-induced cyanide toxicity. The pharmacokinetics of an i.v. bolus of hydroxocobalamin (70 and 140 mg/kg) were studied in conscious dogs (n = 6). Plasma hydroxocobalamin concentrations were measured using derivative spectrophotometry. The pharmacokinetics were compatible with a(More)
Lebanon hosts the highest per capita refugee concentration worldwide. The Palestinian presence in Lebanon dates from 1948 and they remain a marginalized population. No information on their food security status has been reported previously. A survey of a representative sample of Palestinian refugee households in Lebanon (n = 2501) was conducted using a(More)
The mechanisms of action of cibenzoline upon the electrical activity of the cardiac membrane in vitro, were studied using frog auricular preparations. Action potentials and transmembrane currents were examined using the double sucrose gap technique. Cibenzoline 2.6 X 10(-6) M reduced the amplitude and rate of depolarization of the action potential, slightly(More)
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