Annie W. Y. Ng

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Ribosome biogenesis underpins cell growth and division. Disruptions in ribosome biogenesis and translation initiation are deleterious to development and underlie a spectrum of diseases known collectively as ribosomopathies. Here, we describe a novel zebrafish mutant, titania (tti(s450)), which harbours a recessive lethal mutation in pwp2h, a gene encoding a(More)
OBJECTIVE The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effects and interactions of line length, line number, and line spacing on Chinese screen-based proofreading performance and amount of scrolling. BACKGROUND Proofreading is an important process, and much of it is now done on screen. The Chinese language is increasingly important, but very(More)
This study examined the benefits of pharmaceutical pictograms for improving comprehension of medication information for older people. Fifty Hong Kong Chinese older people completed a medical information comprehension task for five drugs. Participants in the control group were presented with text labels while those in the experimental group were given the(More)
—One practical use of tactual sense knowledge in the context of man-machine interface is for the design of control knobs and related devices. Shaping control devices differently is one method of coding control devices for easy tactual identification. However we still do not know how well people perceive complex shapes. The purpose of this study was to(More)
In a recent study, Brière, Nadeau, Lauzière, and Gravel (2013 ) examined the perceptions of individuals post-stroke on their weight-bearing distribution and knee effort distribution in sit-to-stand tasks. The present comment emphasized the importance of the feeling of post-stroke hemiparesis in sit-to-stand task and identified areas of improvements of the(More)
This study examined the effects of foot-side, sex, movement amplitude, and target width on lateral and nonvisually controlled foot-movement time with a reciprocal foot-tapping task in sitting and standing postures. 9 male and 9 female right-foot dominant undergraduates (ages 20 to 25 years) with no reported physical and health problems with their lower(More)
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