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Retrograde and anterograde object-recognition memory was assessed in rats with cytotoxic lesions of the hippocampal formation (HPC), using a paradigm based on the natural tendency of rats to spend more time exploring novel objects than familiar objects. The rats were allowed to explore a sample object for 5 min/day on 5 consecutive days, either 5 weeks or 1(More)
Although it is well established that methadone can be an effective treatment for opiate addiction, it is not clear how methadone maintenance affects cocaine use and cravings in individuals who self-administer both opiates and cocaine. In our attempt to explore the effect of methadone maintenance on the effects of cocaine, we first assessed the locomotor(More)
We conducted a systematic examination of the experience of delirium in a sample of 154 hospitalized patients with cancer. Patients all met DSM-IV criteria for delirium and were rated with the Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale as a measure of delirium severity, phenomenology, and resolution. Of the 154 patients assessed, 101 had complete resolution of their(More)
We conducted an open, prospective trial of olanzapine for the treatment of delirium in a sample of 79 hospitalized cancer patients. Patients all met DSM-IV criteria for a diagnosis of delirium and were rated systematically with the Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale (MDAS) as a measure of delirium severity, phenomenology, and resolution, over the course of(More)
Satellite cells are the resident stem cells of skeletal muscle. Mitotically quiescent in mature muscle, they can be activated to proliferate and generate myoblasts to supply further myonuclei to hypertrophying or regenerating muscle fibres, or self-renew to maintain the resident stem cell pool. Here, we identify the transcriptional co-factor Yap as a novel(More)
Introduction: The search for signs of past or ex-tant life on Mars is a high priority for future Mars exploration [e.g., 1]. This search will likely be undertaken with a variety of landed and orbital missions. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), through its Analogue Missions program, supported an analogue mission designed to simulate a Mars micro-rover mission(More)
Members of the NR3B group of the nuclear receptor superfamily, known as the estrogen-related receptors (ERRs), were the first orphan receptors to be identified two decades ago. Despite the fact that a natural ligand has yet to be associated with the ERRs, considerable knowledge about their mode of action and biological functions has emerged through(More)
Although several studies in rats have found that hippocampal damage has negligible effects on anterograde object-recognition memory, the findings are not entirely conclusive, because most studies have used retention intervals lasting only a few hours. We assessed the effects of neurotoxic hippocampal lesions on anterograde object recognition, using a(More)
Psychoactive medications are often reported as delirium risk factors in hospitalized patients, and delirium induced by medication is potentially avoidable. The authors critically reviewed the evidence for a role of medications in delirium etiology. Only a few positive associations were noted. Use of psychoactive medications, considered together as a single(More)
Estrogen-related receptor a (ERRa) and proliferator-activated receptor g coactivator-1a (PGC-1a) play central roles in the transcriptional control of energy homeostasis, but little is known about factors regulating their activity. Here we identified the homeobox protein prospero-related homeobox 1 (Prox1) as one such factor. Prox1 interacts with ERRa and(More)