Annie Tremblay

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Retrograde and anterograde object-recognition memory was assessed in rats with cytotoxic lesions of the hippocampal formation (HPC), using a paradigm based on the natural tendency of rats to spend more time exploring novel objects than familiar objects. The rats were allowed to explore a sample object for 5 min/day on 5 consecutive days, either 5 weeks or 1(More)
Although several studies in rats have found that hippocampal damage has negligible effects on anterograde object-recognition memory, the findings are not entirely conclusive, because most studies have used retention intervals lasting only a few hours. We assessed the effects of neurotoxic hippocampal lesions on anterograde object recognition, using a(More)
Although it is well established that methadone can be an effective treatment for opiate addiction, it is not clear how methadone maintenance affects cocaine use and cravings in individuals who self-administer both opiates and cocaine. In our attempt to explore the effect of methadone maintenance on the effects of cocaine, we first assessed the locomotor(More)
The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate the efficacy of in-home telerehabilitation for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Three community-living elders with COPD were recruited in a rehabilitation outpatient group and by direct referrals from pneumologists with outpatients who have COPD. A pre/post-test design without a(More)
French listeners have no difficulty recognizing liaison-initial words. This is in part because acoustic/phonetic information distinguishes liaison consonants from (non-resyllabified) word onsets in the speech signal. Using eye tracking, this study investigates whether native speakers of English, a language that does not have a phonological resyllabification(More)
This study investigates whether the learning of prosodic cues to word boundaries in speech segmentation is more difficult if the native and second/foreign languages (L1 and L2) have similar (though non-identical) prosodies than if they have markedly different prosodies (Prosodic-Learning Interference Hypothesis). It does so by comparing French, Korean, and(More)
The aims of present paper are: (a) to examine the theoretical and methodological issues pertaining to the use of grammaticality judgment tasks in linguistic theory; (b) to design and administer a grammaticality judgment task that is not characterized by the problems commonly associated with such tasks; (c) to introduce FACETS as a novel way to analyze(More)
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