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Three experiments compared forgetting of the duration of a bar-like visual stimulus with forgetting of its length. The main aim of the experiments was to investigate whether subjective shortening (a decrease in the subjective magnitude of a stimulus as its retention interval increased) was observable in length judgements as well as in time judgements, where(More)
The pathophysiology of TBI suggests that balance disorder in this population may be associated with multi-system dysfunction, but this has not been widely explored in the literature. This study was undertaken to begin to describe the nature of balance disorder across the TBI population. A clinically-based observational design was employed and data gathered(More)
Renal function-based carboplatin dosing is used routinely in paediatric oncology clinical practice. It is important that accurate assessments of renal function are carried out consistently across clinical centres, a view supported by recently published British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) guidelines for measuring glomerular filtration rate (GFR). These(More)
Estimation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) using the clearance of chromium 51 EDTA ((51)Cr-EDTA) (or other radiolabelled isotopes) is reliable, but invasive and not always practicable. Mathematical models have been devised for estimating GFR using readily obtainable patient characteristics. Unfortunately, these models were developed using various(More)
The degree of damage to DNA following ifosfamide (IFO) treatment may be linked to the therapeutic efficacy. The pharmacokinetics and metabolism of IFO were studied in 19 paediatric patients, mostly with rhabdomyosarcoma or Ewings sarcoma. Ifosfamide was dosed either as a continuous infusion or as fractionated doses over 2 or 3 days. Samples of peripheral(More)
Pre-clinical studies indicate that cisplatin encapsulated in STEALTH((R))liposomes (SPI-77) retains anti-tumour activity, but has a much reduced toxicity, compared to native cisplatin. A phase I study was conducted to determine the toxicity and pharmacokinetics of SPI-77 administered to children with advanced cancer not amenable to other treatment.(More)
BACKGROUND While the majority of childhood cancer clinical trials are treatment related, additional optional research investigations may be carried out that do not directly impact on treatment. It is essential that these studies are conducted ethically and that the experiences of families participating in these studies are as positive as possible. METHODS(More)
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