Annie McClure

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Distributions of tissue fluid pressure were examined beneath a standard pneumatic tourniquet in six upper extremities and six lower extremities of fresh human cadavera, disarticulated at the shoulder and hip, respectively. A standard 8-cm-wide tourniquet cuff was applied at mid-humerus or mid-femur position. Tissue fluid pressures were measured by(More)
OBJECTIVE Five loci-the shared epitope (SE) of HLA--DRB1, the PTPN22 gene, a locus on 6q23, the STAT4 gene and a locus mapping to the TRAF1/C5 genetic region--have now been unequivocally confirmed as conferring susceptibility to RA. The largest single effect is conferred by SE. We hypothesized that combinations of susceptibility alleles may increase risk(More)
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