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The putative role of aluminium intake in young Bangladeshi children (1.5 to 4 years of age) with calcium-deficient rickets was evaluated in a non randomised controlled eight month trial. The effects of aluminium or stainless-steel cooking pots on bone metabolism were assessed by measuring blood calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, parathyroid hormone,(More)
Aluminium hydroxide is used as an effective adjuvant in a wide range of vaccines for enhancing immune response to the antigen. The pathogenic role of aluminium hydroxide is now recognized by the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis and subcutaneous pseudolymphoma, linked to intramuscular injection of aluminium hydroxide-containing(More)
A local case report of hyperaluminemia (aluminum concentration: 3.88 µmol/L) in a woman using an aluminum-containing antiperspirant for 4 years raises the question of possible transdermal uptake of aluminum salt as a future public health problem. Prior to studying the transdermal uptake of three commercialized cosmetic formulas, an analytical assay of(More)
Aluminum salts such as aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) are known for use as an active antiperspirant agent that blocks the secretion of sweat. A local case report of hyperaluminemia in a woman using an aluminum-containing antiperspirant for 4 years raises the problem of transdermal absorption of aluminum (Al). Only a very limited number of studies have shown(More)
Milk is an important food in the human diet, and copper (Cu) in human milk is indispensable to children's normal growth and development. It is consequently important that Cu deficiency, occurring in malnourished women or in malabsorption following bariatric surgery, be prevented. The objective of this work is to provide hospital-based paediatricians with a(More)
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