Annie Luciani

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This paper presents a modeling process in order to produce a realistic simulation of crowds in the ancient Greek agora of Argos. This place was a social theater in which two kinds of collective phenomena took place: interpersonal interactions (small group discussion and negotiation, etc.) and global collective phenomena, such as flowing and jamming. In this(More)
As quoted in the philosophy of contemporary dance: <<Understanding the directions for a Free Dance performer stems mainly from the qualities and energy of the movement rather from spatial criteria>>, a lot of emphasis is put currently on generating computing dance movement by dynamic and energy, which is totally different from producing movement(More)
With the development of new instruments as telecommunication, teleoperation, computer representation tools, human beings are commonly in situation to perceive and act on spaces that are more and more distant or different from our physical world. These new tools raise nowadays the question of Presence of these distant spaces with a growing intensity. This(More)