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Spoken dialogue interfaces, mostly command-and-control, become more visible in applications where attention needs to be shared with other tasks, such as driving a car. The deployment of the simple dialog systems, instead of more sophisticated ones, is partly because the computing platforms used for such tasks have been less powerful and partly because(More)
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease accounting for severe morbidity and mortality in children. To determine the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) used to treat pediatric asthma, we conducted a nationwide population-based study by analyzing a cohort of one million randomly sampled patients from the beneficiaries of the(More)
In the past few years, we have been developing a robust, wide-coverage, and cognitive load-sensitive spoken dialog interface, CHAT (Conversational Helper for Automotive Tasks). New progress has been made to address issues related to dynamic and attention-demanding environments, such as driving. Specifically, we try to address imperfect input and imperfect(More)
Driving behavior has been trending towards more time in the car and longer commutes. This has fueled the demand for an increasing number of in-vehicle infotainment features, at the cost of the driver splitting attention between the primary task of driving and other secondary tasks. To demonstrate one process we use for generating continuous improvements to(More)
The way we interact with the automobile is changing. New factors in automotive interaction include driver assistance technologies, new media and information options, new power train technologies, environmental concerns, and the introduction of automobiles into emerging markets. In this special interest group session, practitioners and researchers from(More)
In this demonstration we present a conversational dialog system for automobile drivers. The system provides a voicebased interface to playing music, finding restaurants, and navigating while driving. The design of the system as well as the new technologies developed will be presented. Our evaluation showed that the system is promising, achieving high task(More)
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