Annie Laurie Armstrong

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The popularity of customizable Web sites in libraries has increased li-brarians' interest in supplementing user services with portal technology. The open source-software MyLibrary gives the librarian control over the resources directed to users based on their interests. University of Illinois at Chicago librarians developed My Chicago Library as a way to(More)
Low-income work, job training, depressive symptoms or depression, and children's school performance. These topics have occupied the attention of scholars and policy makers in recent years, particularly as they pertain to single mothers in the context of welfare reform. Broadening this landscape, findings from longitudinal, multi-city ethnographic research(More)
1. Research designed to examine the systematic ability of children's drawings to disclose abuse or neglect has been equivocal. 2. The use of art to understand preschool-aged children is particularly advantageous because very young children usually are not able to communicate their feelings clearly. 3. The study shows that the family drawings of abused or(More)
The Hurricane Katrina and NewOrleans situation was commonly called a "natural disaster"-an anomalous "event" that disrupted lives, spaces, and organizations. Research and planning attention then focused on particular aspects of the event and on restoring order. In contrast, sociologists and similar-thinking scholars have increasingly viewed disaster(More)
Gallium arsenide is a key enabling technology for high-performance automatic test equipment. GaAs ICs have been widely used in mainstream production and characterization testers for high-speed applications in logic, memory, and mixed signal test. Because of their high speed, precise timing accuracy, and high levels of integration, GaAs ICs have displaced(More)
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