Annie J Kasparian

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Intracellular levels of the hypoxia-inducible transcription factor (HIF) are regulated under normoxic conditions by prolyl hydroxylases (PHD1, 2, and 3). Treatment of cells with PHD inhibitors stabilizes HIF-1α, eliciting an artificial hypoxic response that includes the transcription of genes involved in erythropoiesis, angiogenesis, and glycolysis. The(More)
GPR40 (FFAR1 or FFA1) is a target of high interest being pursued to treat type II diabetes due to its unique mechanism leading to little risk of hypoglycemia. We recently reported the discovery of AM-1638 (2), a potent full agonist of GPR40. In this report, we present the discovery of GPR40 full agonists containing conformationally constrained tricyclic(More)
Chemoselective reduction of nitro groups in the presence of activated heteroaryl halides was achieved via catalytic hydrogenation with a commercially available sulfided platinum catalyst. The optimized conditions employ low temperature, pressure, and catalyst loading (<0.1 mol % Pt) to afford heteroaromatic amines with minimal hydrodehalogenation byproducts.
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