Annie I. Antón

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Goals are a logical mechanism for identifying, organizing and justifying software requirements. Strategies are needed for the initial identiication and construction of goals. In this paper we discuss goals from the perspective of two themes: goal analysis and goal evolution. We begin with an overview of the goal-based method we have developed and summarize(More)
In the United States, federal and state regulations prescribe stakeholder rights and obligations that must be satisfied by the requirements for software systems. These regulations are typically wrought with ambiguities, making the process of deriving system requirements ad hoc and error prone. In highly regulated domains such as healthcare, there is a need(More)
Information practices that use personal, financial, and health-related information are governed by US laws and regulations to prevent unauthorized use and disclosure. To ensure compliance under the law, the security and privacy requirements of relevant software systems must properly be aligned with these regulations. However, these regulations describe(More)
This paper presents experiences in applying the goal decomposition and scenario analysis model in the context of Business Process Reengineering (BPR). The relationships of goals, scenarios, as well as the understanding and description of business processes are discussed. Different methods of goal refinement, and the application of scenarios to support this(More)
Internet privacy policies describe an organization’s practices on data collection, use, and disclosure. These privacy policies both protect the organization and signal integrity commitment to site visitors. Consumers use the stated website policies to guide browsing and transaction decisions. This paper compares the classes of privacy protection goals(More)
BREAUX, TRAVIS DURAND. Legal Requirements Acquisition for the Specification of Legally Compliant Information Systems. (Under the direction of Ana Isabel Antón.) U.S. federal and state regulations impose mandatory and discretionary requirements on industrywide business practices to achieve non-functional, societal goals such as improved accessibility,(More)