Annie France Frère

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The pectoral muscle represents a predominant density region in most medio-lateral oblique (MLO) views of mammograms; its inclusion can affect the results of intensity-based image processing methods or bias procedures in the detection of breast cancer. Local analysis of the pectoral muscle may be used to identify the presence of abnormal axillary lymph(More)
This paper presents a procedure for the analysis of left-right (bilateral) asymmetry in mammograms. The procedure is based upon the detection of linear directional components by using a multiresolution representation based upon Gabor wavelets. A particular wavelet scheme with two-dimensional Gabor filters as elementary functions with varying tuning(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies indicate that the blue-yellow colour discrimination is impaired in ADHD individuals. However, the relationship between colour and performance has not been investigated. This paper describes the development and the testing of a virtual environment that is capable to quantify the influence of red-green versus blue-yellow colour(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional spin-echo (PD-CSE) and fast spin-echo (PD-FSE) techniques are frequently used to detect meniscal tears. However, the time delay for imaging with PD-CSE has resulted in its replacement with faster techniques, such as proton density fast spin-echo (PD-FSE), which has become a frequent tool at most diagnostic centres.Qualitative(More)
Many children with motor impairments cannot participate in games and jokes that contribute to their formation. Currently, commercial computer games there are few options of software and sufficiently flexible access devices to meet the needs of this group of children. In this study, a peripheral access device and a 3D computerized game that do not require(More)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) mainly affects the academic performance of children and adolescents. In addition to bringing physical and mental health benefits, physical activity has been used to prevent and improve ADHD comorbidities; however, its effectiveness has not been quantified. In this study, the effect of physical activity on(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance (MR) techniques used to detect lesions of the ligament complex for articulation of the ankle lack the desired accuracy for the study of the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL). The lack of sensitivity of the conventional techniques is due to variations in the dimensions of the CFL. The best results are obtained when the image plane(More)
The grip movement is essential for performing daily activities. However, the assessment of this movement is currently made subjectively, due to the lack of appropriate quantification equipment. The objective of this study was to develop, validate and test a virtual environment controlled by five trigger devices used to analyse cylindrical, spherical and(More)