Annie Dumouchel

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HoxA genes exhibit central roles during development and causal mutations have been found in several human syndromes including limb malformation. Despite their importance, information on how these genes are regulated is lacking. Here, we report on the first identification of bona fide transcriptional enhancers controlling HoxA genes in developing limbs and(More)
Having first recalled the problems involved in classifying impulsion phobias, (problems which have been experienced in the course of all the work done on this subject), the authors report, from a strictly clinical viewpoint, on a series of studies of patients whose problems are very different but who all show the symptoms of impulsion phobia. They next(More)
The fin-to-limb transition represents one of the major vertebrate morphological innovations associated with the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life and is an attractive model for gaining insights into the mechanisms of morphological diversity between species. One of the characteristic features of limbs is the presence of digits at their extremities.(More)
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