Annie De Montigny-Leboeuf

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Network security analysts are confronted with numerous ambiguities when interpreting alerts produced by security devices. Even with the increased accuracy of these tools, analysts still have to sort through a tremendous number of potential security events in order to maintain the desired level of assurance. This paper describes how passive network discovery(More)
Since the DARPA Intrusion Detection Evaluation Data Set [2] was made available in 1998, and then updated in 1999 and 2000, it seems that no other significant freely available data sets have been provided to allow benchmarking of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Even if those traffic traces are still used by the security research community, they have not(More)
Thousands of diverse applications and services flow daily over networks used by governments, industry, and private users. Attacks can be hidden within these information flows by disguising malicious network traffic to appear to be legitimate. Generally, TCP or UDP based protocols can be mapped to specific network services. However, intruders do hide(More)
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