Annie Babin

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  • A Babin, A Mahalov, B Nicolaenko, Y Zhou
  • 1997
Asymptotic regimes of geophysical dynamics are described for dierent Burger number limits. Rotating Boussinesq equations are analyzed in the asymptotic limit of strong stratication in the Burger number of order one situation as well as in the asymptotic regime of strong stratication and weak rotation. It is shown that in both regimes horizontally averaged(More)
Dysregulated cell growth or differentiation due to misexpression of developmental critical factors seems to be a decisive event in oncogenesis. As osteosarcomas are histologically defined by malignant osteoblasts producing an osteoid component, we prospected in pediatric osteosarcomas treated with OS94 protocol the genomic status of several genes implied in(More)
We study nonlinear dispersive wave systems described by hyperbolic PDE's in R d and difference equations on the lattice Z d. The systems involve two small parameters: one is the ratio of the slow and the fast time scales, and another one is the ratio of the small and the large space scales. We show that a wide class of such systems, including nonlinear(More)
At present, the only recognised prognostic factor for primary osteosarcoma is the histological response to preoperative chemotherapy. Our study was designed to identify new diagnostic markers that could eventually have a prognostic value. A total of 54 patients under 20 years of age with primary osteosarcomas were studied while under treatment by the French(More)
We study nonlinear systems of hyperbolic (in a wider sense) PDE's in R d describing wave propagation in dispersive nonlinear media such as, for example, electromagnetic waves in nonlinear photonic crystals. The initial data is assumed to be a finite sum of wavepackets referred to as a multi-wavepacket. The wavepackets and the medium nonlinearity are(More)
  • A Babin, A Mahalov, B Nicolaenko
  • 2007
The 3D rotating Boussinesq equations (the \primitive" equations of geophysical uid ows) are analyzed in the asymptotic limit of strong stable stratiication. The resolution of resonances and a non-standard small divisor problem are the basis for error estimates for such fast singular oscillating limits. Existence on innnite time intervals of regular(More)
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