Annie Babin

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OBJECTIVE The primary objective of this study was to decrease the late effects of prophylactic radiation without reducing survival in standard-risk childhood medulloblastoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Inclusion criteria were as follows: children between the ages of 3 and 18 years with total or subtotal tumor resection, no metastasis, and negative postoperative(More)
Dysregulated cell growth or differentiation due to misexpression of developmental critical factors seems to be a decisive event in oncogenesis. As osteosarcomas are histologically defined by malignant osteoblasts producing an osteoid component, we prospected in pediatric osteosarcomas treated with OS94 protocol the genomic status of several genes implied in(More)
Since January 1988, 91 children with ANLL have been treated with a polychemotherapy regimen containing Mitoxantrone (MTZ), excluding other anthracyclines. Induction consisted of Ara-C, MTZ, and VP 16. Consolidation lasted 6 weeks with Vincristine, MTZ, Ara-C and 6-thioguanine (6TG), and was followed by 2 intensification courses combining High-dose Ara-C(More)
In our previous study, a frequent rearrangement at 4q12 has been identified by allelotyping in our large and homogeneous population of pediatric osteosarcomas and it was significantly linked to c-kit protein overexpression. To confirm and understand the involvement of KIT in this tumor, the next step of the study was designed to detect the potential(More)
The effects of the tilt test (at 60-70 degrees for 20 min) and LBNP test (at -30 and -60 mm Hg for 20 min each) on the basic parameters of central circulation (15 test subjects) and coronary circulation (11 test subjects) were investigated. The study was performed using thermistor-equipped catheters implanted into the pulmonary artery and coronary sinus and(More)
Topoisomerase genes were analyzed at both DNA and RNA levels in 25 cases of newly diagnosed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The results of molecular analysis were compared to risk group classification of children in order to identify molecular characteristics associated with response to therapy. At diagnosis, allelic imbalance at(More)
At present, the only recognised prognostic factor for primary osteosarcoma is the histological response to preoperative chemotherapy. Our study was designed to identify new diagnostic markers that could eventually have a prognostic value. A total of 54 patients under 20 years of age with primary osteosarcomas were studied while under treatment by the French(More)
UNLABELLED Rarely children with Wilms' tumor develop spinal cord dysfunction by metastatic spread into the epidural space or the cord parenchyma. In the case reported here, the mechanism of spinal compression was different. CASE REPORT The authors report the clinical course of a 2-month-old boy with retroperitoneal extrarenal Wilms' tumor below the left(More)