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Various studies concluded that bus-based multiprocessor architectures outperform Network-on-Chip (NoC) architectures when the number of processors is relatively small. On the other hand, NoC architectures offer distinct performance advantages when the number of processors is large. This led to recent proposals for hybrid architectures where each node in a(More)
When variables are assigned to registers or memories in FPGAs, multiplexers are needed for correct operation of the design. These multiplexers are needed at the input registers or memories if different functional units are writing to the same storage unit. Since in FPGAs the area covered by multiplexers is significantly large compared with the area of the(More)
Current trends in multicore research suggest that hundreds of cores will be integrated on a single chip in the near future for increased performance. This new trend presents a set of challenges, one of which is cache distribution among the cores. Network on chip with homogeneous cache distribution among the routers has become mainstream in literature. In(More)
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