Annick Moisan

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We describe FrameD, a program that predicts coding regions in prokaryotic and matured eukaryotic sequences. Initially targeted at gene prediction in bacterial GC rich genomes, the gene model used in FrameD also allows to predict genes in the presence of frameshifts and partially undetermined sequences which makes it also very suitable for gene prediction(More)
In this paper, we describe the basis of EuGène, a gene finder for eucaryotic organisms applied to Arabidopsis thaliana. The specificity of EuGène, compared to existing gene finding software, is that EuGène has been designed to combine the output of several information sources, including output of other software or user information. To achieve this, a(More)
Aceruloplasminemia is an autosomal recessive disease of iron overload associated with mutation(s) in the ceruloplasmin gene. We report here a new case of aceruloplasminemia in a woman who is a compound heterozygote for two new mutations. Besides this novel genotypic profile, this observation provides new insights on: (i) iron metabolism with normal(More)
Patients' autologous macrophages (AM) were used as antigen-presenting cells (APC) in a vaccination protocol against malignant melanoma. AM were administered by various routes, including intralymphatic, since these cells did not express CCR7, a molecule required for APC migration to lymph nodes. Seven HLA-A2 patients with metastatic melanoma—two classified(More)
BACKGROUND We develop a method for the radiolabelling of Lipiodol with Tc, using a lipophilic complex, [99mTc-(S2CPh)(S3Ph)2], dissolved in Lipiodol (99mTc-SSS Lipiodol). RESULTS The labelling yield is high (96 +/- 0.8%), and the radiochemical purity satisfactory (92 +/- 2.6%). This labelling is reproducible and stable for up to 24 h in vitro. Studies(More)
Noncoding RNA (ncRNA) has been recognized as an important regulator of gene expression networks in Bacteria and Eucaryota. Little is known about ncRNA in thermococcal archaea except for the eukaryotic-like C/D and H/ACA modification guide RNAs. Using a combination of in silico and experimental approaches, we identified and characterized novel P. abyssi(More)
EUGENE'HOM is a gene prediction software for eukaryotic organisms based on comparative analysis. EUGENE'HOM is able to take into account multiple homologous sequences from more or less closely related organisms. It integrates the results of TBLASTX analysis, splice site and start codon prediction and a robust coding/non-coding probabilistic model which(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the biodistribution of mature dendritic cells (DCs) injected by various routes, during a cell therapy protocol. In the context of a vaccine therapy protocol for melanoma, DCs matured with Ribomunyl and interferon-gamma were labelled with 111In-oxine and injected into eight patients along various routes: afferent(More)
Purpose: We have previously reported a clinical trial on the intravenous injection of autologous activated macrophages (AAM) in 15 patients with renal carcinoma [11]. The present paper concerns scintigraphic investigations performed in 11 of these patients after injection of 111indium oxinate-radiolabeled AAM. Methods: AAM were prepared from mononuclear(More)