Annick Cukierman

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The present study was designed to examine the reliability and validity of the Autism Psychodynamic Evaluation of Changes (APEC) scale, developed to assess the evolution in individuals with autism under treatment. The APEC scale focuses on the key role of impairment in body image construction, which requires cross-modal sensory integration through emotional(More)
  • Alex Cukierman, Alberto Dalmazzo, A Cukierman, A Dalmazzo, Springer
  • 2006
This paper develops a framework for studying the interactions between labor unions, fiscal policy, monetary policy and monopolistically competitive firms. The framework is used to investigate the effects of labor taxes, the replacement ratio, labor market institutions and monetary policymaking institutions on economic peformance in the presence of strategic(More)
The occurrence of unmyelinated and small myelinated axons and of nerve fibres with a substance P-like immunoreactivity was studied in juxtamedullary L7 ventral root fascicles and surrounding pia mater of kittens and cats. Electron microscopic analysis of thin transverse serial sections from this region in adult cats showed that the number of unmyelinated(More)
In this article the authors report insights into autism developed through their extensive experience of psychoanalytic therapy with children with autism. The first stages of body psychic development are seriously disrupted by this pathology, resulting in primitive anxieties of falling and of being liquefied. These anxieties are connected to the fragile(More)
An evolutionary diagram that takes into account the development of personality and its structuring or restructuring was developed thanks to a better understanding of autistic disorders from a psychodynamic point of view through long term psychoanalytic treatment of autistic children. This grid is organised around the major stages of the formation of the(More)
The trigeminal motor root was studied in the electron microscope at different proximodistal levels in eight adult cats. Counts at a level halfway between the trigeminal ganglion and the pontine junction showed that the root contains about 9% (n = approximately 300) unmyelinated axon profiles at this level. Small groups of unmyelinated axons occur on both(More)
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