Annia García Pereira

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The present work was focused on analyzing the influence of moisture content, particle size, light source incidence angle and observation height on a loamy mixed soil spectra Meanwhile, prediction models for N content with different moisture and particle sizes were obtained, and the influence of these properties on N prediction was studied. The future(More)
Near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy is as a rapid, convenient and simple nondestructive technique useful for quantifying several soil properties. This method was used to estimate nitrogen (N) and organic matter (OM) content in a soil of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou County. A total of 125 soil samples were taken from the field. Ninety-five samples(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the biomechanical behaviour of maxillary premolar teeth regarding root morphology and abfraction depth, submitted to axial and oblique occlusal load. The investigation was conducted using 3D finite element analysis and strain gauge test. Sound maxillary premolar single and double root were selected for 3D model(More)
Schizolobium parahyba var. amazonicum (Fabaceae) is an arboreal species, endemic to the Amazon Rainforest, popularly known as paricá. It is used on a commercial scale in the timber sector, pulp and paper production, reclamation projects in degraded and landscaped areas. However, there is no availability of genetically improved material selected for the(More)
The properties of composite resins can be influenced by light activation, depending primarily on the performance of the curing unit. The aim of this study was to evaluate how different battery levels of a cordless light-emitting diode (LED) unit influence the properties of a nanofilled composite resin. First, the battery voltage and light intensity of the(More)
The Alcantarea patriae is a Bromeliaceae endemic to the inselbergs of the Atlantic Forest. This taxon, described in the year of 2007 by Versieux & Wanderley, presents restricted and fragmented distribution outside conservation units. Studies to evaluate the genetic structure of its populations can contribute to the conservation and management strategies for(More)
BACKGROUND The present study analysed the effects of different occlusal loading on premolars displaying various non-carious cervical lesions morphologies, restored (or not) with composites, by 3D finite element analysis. METHODS A three-dimensional digital model of a maxillary premolar was generated using CAD software. Three non-carious cervical lesions(More)
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