Anni J Siitonen

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Measurements of stepwise photoluminescence quenching in individual, (n,m)-selected single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) undergoing chemical reaction have been analyzed to deduce mobilities of optically generated excitons. For (7,5) nanotubes, the mean exciton range varies between approximately 140 and 240 nm for different surfactant coatings and(More)
The nonlinear dependence of near-infrared photoluminescence (PL) emission on excitation intensity has been measured for individual nanotubes representing six different (n,m) species. Significant deviations from linearity are observed for intensities as low as ~100 W/cm(2), and an approximate inverse correlation is found between nonlinearity and PL action(More)
We report the fabrication of membranes hundreds of micrometers thick that demonstrate efficient electron conduction and proton transport through vertically aligned arrays of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (NTs) impregnated by epoxy. Electrical transport was Ohmic with a conductivity of 495 mS cm(-1). Protons traversed the membrane through the NT bore with a(More)
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