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The reverse genetics technologies that have recently been developed for mice have provided new tools to probe gene function in vivo. Unfortunately these powerful systems often require the analysis of large numbers of DNA samples. The gene-targeting technology requires screening of embryonic stem-cell clones and later of the mice themselves, the latter also(More)
The accurate forecasting of storm surges is an important issue in the Netherlands. With the emergence of the first numerical hydrodynamic models for surge forecasting at the beginning of the 1980s, new demands and possibilities were raised. This article describes the main phases of the development and the present operational set-up of the Dutch continental(More)
This paper discusses serious games developed as part of a training program developed for a Dutch crisis response group, which acts during a (potential) flooding crisis. Training in general contributes to a wide range of learning objectives and can address different target audiences. For each combination of learning objective and target audience, the proper(More)
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