Annette Steenkamp

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Team-based student projects have become an intrinsic part of coursework in information technology courses. The rationale is that once students enter the work environment they will be required to work in teams. Challenges of teamwork are reviewed and factors influencing student team performance are identified. An approach is described which deals with four(More)
The paper reports on an initiative taken by the Graduate College of Management, Lawrence Technological University to establish a Doctorate of Management in Information Technology (DMIT). The DMIT has a scholar/ practitioner orientation designed for working professionals with high levels of managerial, technical and analytical expertise in the sub-fields of(More)
This paper presents a case study of the experience of a technical architecture team, the TA-CE Team, when developing an architectural design description (ADD) for an IT system focused on the communications engineering views of the technology viewpoint. The project charter and requirements for the assignments of the TA-CE Team project are based on a(More)
This paper reports on part of a doctoral dissertation research project in information security management. The intent of this research is to attempt to determine how information security management could be enhanced as a structured and repeatable management process, and to develop an appropriate architectural framework and methodology that could enable(More)
Hereditary tyrosinemia type 1 is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder, which is caused by a defective fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase enzyme, and consequently metabolites such as succinylacetone and p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate accumulate. We used a modified comet assay to determine the effect of these metabolites on base- and nucleotide excision repair(More)
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