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3-colored Ramsey Numbers of Odd Cycles
A k− coloring( F 1 ,F 2 ,...,F k )ofagraph G isacoloringoftheedgesof G withatmost k differentcolors F i . Expand
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The Ramsey number r(C7, C7, C7)
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Ramsey Numbers r(K3, G) for Connected Graphs G of Order Seven
The triangle-graph Ramsey numbers are determined for all 814 of the 853 connected graphs of order seven. Expand
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Ramsey numbers r(K3, G) for G =~ K7 - 2P2 and G =~ K7 - 3P2
We give a proof of triangle-graph Ramsey numbers without using any computer support. Expand
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Neighborhood conditions for graphs with induced claws
K 1,4 -free graphs with independent claw centers and a certain neighborhood property concerning the endvertices of the induced claws are proved to be pancyclic or Hamiltonian, depending on which of three different properties concerning induced modified claws they meet. Expand
Polynomial Time Approximation Schemes for Geometric Optimization Problems in Euclidean Metric Spaces
This chapter describes approaches to find polynomial time algorithms that compute approximate solutions to various geometric optimizations problems in Euclidean metric spaces. Expand