Annette Roeben

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GroEL and GroES form a chaperonin nano-cage for proteins up to approximately 60 kDa to fold in isolation. Here we explored the structural features of the chaperonin cage critical for rapid folding of encapsulated substrates. Modulating the volume of the GroEL central cavity affected folding speed in accordance with confinement theory. Small proteins(More)
UDP-glucose is the universal activated form of glucose, employed in all organisms for glucosyl transfer reactions and as precursor for various activated carbohydrates. In animal and fungal metabolism, UDP-glucose is required for utilization of galactose and for the synthesis of glycogen, the major carbohydrate storage polymer. The formation of UDP-glucose(More)
Prokaryotic homologs of the eukaryotic structural protein actin, such as MreB and ParM, have been implicated in determination of bacterial cell shape, and in the segregation of genomic and plasmid DNA. In contrast to these bacterial actin homologs, little is known about the archaeal counterparts. As a first step, we expressed a predicted actin homolog of(More)
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