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Monochorionic dizygous twins are probably more frequent than considered previously as many cases remain unrecognized, especially when the children have the same sex. Here we present a pair of dizygous, sex-discordant monochorionic twins who were conceived after artificial insemination. Histological examination of the placenta and extensive genetic studies(More)
The ages of mothers having given birth to 1016 women who developed carcinomata of the cervix, the corpus or the breast was 2.86 years higher than the mean values of ages of a comparable control group of mothers who delivered during the same years. In contrast to a comparable control group of mothers whose healthy daughters were interviewed at the University(More)
We report on the pre- and postnatal cytogenetic, molecular genetic and clinical findings in monochorionic-diamniotic twins discordant for trisomy 18. Structural anomalies were identified in one of the twins on prenatal ultrasound examination at 20 weeks' gestation and sampling of amniotic fluid from both sacs was performed for karyotyping. This revealed(More)
in die Krankengeschichte. Durch diese Mal]nahme ist in kiirzes~er Frist erreieht worden, dal3 90 % der S/~uglinge die Anstalt vollgestillt entlassen (zuvor 62 %). Der P/~diater wird gar nicht einmal besortders haufig bemiiht. Dieses Exempel beweist, dab am Anfang der Stillperiode aueh heute ann/~hernd 100 % der Frauen stillen k6nnen, und dab auch an(More)
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