Annette Meyer

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Yolk sac tumors are the most frequent kind of malignant pediatric germ cell tumor and may have a fundamentally different pathogenesis than adult germ cell tumors. Since few cytogenetic studies have been performed so far, in situ hybridization was applied to interphase cell nuclei of seven gonadal yolk sac tumors of childhood in routine paraffin-embedded(More)
GTP cyclohydrolase I (GTPCH) gene expression was investigated in the human monoamine-containing neuroblastoma cell line SK-N-BE(2)M17. Northern blot analysis revealed a single GTPCH mRNA transcript that was confirmed by RNase protection assay to encode for Type 1 GTPCH; no alternatively spliced forms of GTPCH mRNA were detected with this assay. Incubation(More)
The WWC1 gene has been genetically associated with human episodic memory performance, and its product KIdney/BRAin protein (KIBRA) has been shown to interact with the atypical protein kinase protein kinase M ζ (PKMζ). Although recently challenged, PKMζ remains a candidate postsynaptic regulator of memory maintenance. Here, we show that PKMζ is subject to(More)
The stimulation of neurogenesis is an exciting novel therapeutic option for diseases of the central nervous system, ranging from depression to neurodegeneration. One major bottleneck in screening approaches for neurogenesis-inducing compounds is the very demanding in vivo quantification of newborn neurons based on stereological techniques. To effectively(More)
Development and refinement of methods to analyse differential gene expression has been essential in the progress of molecular biology. A novel approach called iGentifier is presented for profiling known and unknown transcriptomes, thus bypassing a major limitation in microarray analysis. The iGentifier technology combines elements of fragment display (e.g.(More)
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