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Paratuberculosis is a chronic infection of ruminants and other species caused by Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (Map). Establishing test strategies for paratuberculosis will require insight into the temporal aspects of certainty with a given test. In this study, the age at which cows tested positive by ELISA and fecal culture (FC) was(More)
Residents of the Red River Delta region of northern Vietnam have a long tradition of eating raw fish. Fish-borne zoonotic trematodes (FZTs) are estimated to infect ≈1 million persons in Vietnam. It remains uncertain at what stages in the aquaculture production cycle fish become infected with FZTs. Newly hatched fish (fry) from 8 hatcheries and juveniles(More)
AIM To assess the variation in size of the thymus in vivo in preterm neonates and to identify relations between thymic size and gestational age (GA), birthweight, occurrence of postnatal infections and maternal alcohol and tobacco intake during pregnancy. METHODS Eighty preterm neonates with a GA between 24 and 36 wk, and a birthweight between 490 and(More)
PURPOSE To do a follow-up sonography assessment of the thymic size in infants at an age of 24 months, and to create a longitudinal prediction model for the thymic index covering all ages from birth to 24 months. MATERIAL AND METHODS Of 37 infants examined in an earlier investigation, 34 attended a 24-month follow-up examination. The thymic index, a volume(More)
OBJECTIVE To use sonography in a follow-up study aimed at assessing the size of the thymus in healthy infants, and to search for a possible relation to clinical variables, breast-feeding status, and illness. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty-seven healthy infants were examined as neonates and re-examined at 4 months of age. Thirty-seven of the infants were also(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed at synchronously examining the early time course of 4 proinflammatory cytokines as predictive factors for development of organ failure in patients with acute pancreatitis (AP). METHODS Interleukin (IL) 6, IL-8, IL-18, and tumor necrosis factor α were measured on admission and at days 1, 2, and 14 in 60 patients admitted with first(More)
Lornoxicam is a new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug of the oxicam class. This randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial compared the analgesic efficacy and tolerability of intramuscular (IM) injections of lornoxicam (4, 8, 16 and 20 mg) with morphine (10 and 20 mg) and placebo in 252 patients with mainly moderate to severe pain following(More)
Bangladesh has been severely hit by highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 (HPAI-H5N1). However, little is known about the genetic diversity and the evolution of the circulating viruses in Bangladesh. In the present study, we analyzed the hemagglutinin gene of 30 Bangladeshi chicken isolates from 2007 through 2010. We analyzed the polybasic amino acid(More)
Raw fish consumption in restaurants, for example, Sashimi style, is popular worldwide. In Vietnam, raw fish dishes are also traditionally prepared and consumed in private households. However, the habits of eating raw or otherwise inadequately cooked fish can be associated with risks of acquiring fishborne zoonotic trematode (FZT) infection. The present(More)
BACKGROUND Northern Vietnam is an endemic region for fish-borne zoonotic trematodes (FZT), including liver and intestinal flukes. Humans acquire the FZT infection by eating raw or inadequately cooked fish. The production of FZT-free fish in aquaculture is a key component in establishing a sustainable program to prevent and control the FZT transmission to(More)