Annette H C Ang

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OBJECTIVE Over the past 2 decades, tracheotomy in children and infants has evolved from a primarily emergent procedure for upper airway obstruction into a semielective procedure for airway access in assisted ventilation. We present a 12-year retrospective review of tracheotomies performed in the pediatric population in Singapore. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING(More)
Branchial anomalies, a result of aberrant embryonic development, are rarely seen in clinical practice. Lesions of the second branchial pouch commonly present as a neck lump or discharging sinus that may be complicated by infection. Clinical examination often reveals the lesion to be related to the junction of the upper two thirds and the lower one third of(More)
A submandibular sialocele is a subcutaneous cavity containing saliva. The clinical and radiologic features of 3 patients with an idiopathic submandibular sialocele are presented. All 3 patients were males in their twenties. Submandibular sialocele presents as a soft cystic and compressible neck mass, with no history of previous trauma or diseases of the(More)
Malignant tumours of the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses are uncommon. They constitute less than one per cent of all tumours and less than three per cent of head and neck tumours. Although multiple primary carcinomas of the aerodigestive tract are commonly reported, metachronous maxillary sinus carcinomas are rare. To date, all of these cases reported(More)
Otitis media with effusion (OME) is a very common condition seen in children, and is the commonest cause of hearing loss in an infant. It is also a fairly common condition encountered by the family practitioner, and often the family practitioner is the first doctor the parents bring the child to. Otitis media with effusion is a simple condition but, if left(More)
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