Annette Häbich

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The morphology and stability of well-ordered, nanostructured Au/TiO2(110) surfaces, prepared by deposition of Au loaded micelles on TiO2(110) substrates and subsequent oxidative removal of the polymer shell in an oxygen plasma, was investigated by noncontact AFM, SEM and XPS. The resulting arrays of Au nanoparticles (particle sizes 1-5 nm) form a nearly(More)
Several recent papers have described the existence of stable nanobubbles in bulk, which is surprising given that the high curvature of these bubbles is expected to place such bubbles under a high pressure and therefore lead to rapid dissolution. Here, we investigate the possible existence of nanobubbles in mixtures of water plus an organic solvent using(More)
Following the publication of the Bringing Them Home report in 1997, the Stolen Generations has emerged as one of the most emotional and hotly debated public issues in contemporary Australia. Personal stories of removal and loss have been recounted across the country like a tragic chorus and Australians have been exhorted to join in a national process of(More)
The selectivity of adsorption of chiral surfactants to a chiral monolayer at the solid-liquid interface was studied using attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR). One enantiomer of the chiral surfactant was deuterated, which causes a change in the IR absorption frequency, and allows independent measurement of the(More)
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