Annette Diener

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Although studies in vivo revealed promising results in bone regeneration after implantation of scaffolds together with osteogenic progenitor cells, basic questions remain how material surfaces control the biology of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). We used human MSC derived from bone marrow and studied the osteogenic differentiation on calcium phosphate(More)
BACKGROUND Calculation of individual risk is the cornerstone of effective cardiovascular prevention. arriba is a software to estimate the individual risk to suffer a cardiovascular event in 10 years. Prognosis and the absolute effects of pharmacological and lifestyle interventions help the patient make a well-informed decision. The risk calculation(More)
Affecting hepatic cytochrome (CYP) activity is one of the major concerns in drug-drug interaction. Thus the testing of drug candidates on their impact on these enzymes is an essential step in early drug discovery. We tested a collection of 480 in-house phthalimide derivatives against different CYP450s using a high throughput inhibition assay. In initial(More)
The mechanisms of cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix (ECM) which are of fundamental importance for function, survival, and growth of cells involve the formation of focal adhesions to facilitate integrin signaling. Recently, it became evident that focal adhesions are not stable but move to enable cell migration and ECM formation. We examined the(More)
BACKGROUND With an average prescription rate of 50%, in German primary care antibiotics are still too frequently prescribed for respiratory tract infections. The over-prescription of antibiotics is often explained by perceived patient pressure and fears of a complicated disease progression. The CHANGE-2 trial will test the effectiveness of two interventions(More)
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