Annette Devito Dabbs

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BACKGROUND Adherence to the medical regimen after pediatric organ transplantation is important for maximizing good clinical outcomes. However, the literature provides inconsistent evidence regarding prevalence and risk factors for nonadherence posttransplant. METHODS A total of 61 studies (30 kidney, 18 liver, 8 heart, 2 lung/heart-lung, and 3 with mixed(More)
AIM This paper is a report of an examination of the relationship between metrics of critical thinking skills and performance in simulated clinical scenarios. BACKGROUND Paper and pencil assessments are commonly used to assess critical thinking but may not reflect simulated performance. METHODS In 2007, a convenience sample of 36 nursing students(More)
BACKGROUND Among survivors of prolonged mechanical ventilation, preferences for this treatment have rarely been explored. OBJECTIVES To elicit preferences of survivors of prolonged mechanical ventilation (>or=7 days) and factors influencing these preferences. METHODS A descriptive, cross-sectional survey design was used. Subjects were recruited from(More)
BACKGROUND Mixed methods research approaches can be applied to nursing and healthcare. Multiple perspectives and different types of data (e.g., social-behavioral data, numerical outcome measures, or clinical variables) often are needed to examine complex clinical problems and health behaviors fully. Although qualitative and quantitative methods are(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe the utility of the Purpose-in-Life Test among persons with AIDS using both Part A (quantitative) and Part B (qualitative). A cross-sectional descriptive design was used with a sample of 74 persons with AIDS from community settings. The Purpose-in-Life Test and a sociodemographic questionnaire were administered.(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Adherence within pediatric transplantation has gained importance as the complexities of long-term medical management of these patients are identified and knowledge regarding the negative consequences of nonadherence accumulates. We review recent findings to highlight gaps in the literature and make suggestions for future directions. (More)
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE Donating a kidney may provide an opportunity for donors to reevaluate their health maintenance behaviors (eg, regular exercise, smoking cessation, medical checkups). Although the effect of donation on donors' health, quality of life, and financial outcomes has received growing attention, no studies have examined whether donation is(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe lung transplant recipients (LTRs') acceptance and use of mobile technology for health self-monitoring during the first year post-transplantation, and explore correlates of the use of technology in the 0 to 2, >2 to ≤6, >6 to ≤12, and 0 to 12 months. METHODS Secondary analysis of data from 96 LTR assigned to use Pocket PATH(®), a(More)
CONTEXT Sleep quality affects health and self-management in chronic illness. Limited research has examined patterns and predictors of sleep quality and its impact on self-management and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among lung transplant recipients (LTRs). OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to identify the patterns, predictors, and impact of(More)
Investigators conducting research involving human subjects are obligated to safeguard the wellbeing of the study participants. Other than requiring investigators to establish procedures for ongoing monitoring and reporting of adverse events, federal regulations do not dictate how human subject safety should be ensured. A variety of data safety monitoring(More)