Annette Canfield

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Health professions education is directly effected by changes in health care service delivery and financing systems. In the United States, as the health care industry increasingly shifts to a market economy, service delivery venues are moving away from acute care facilities and into community-based settings. Additionally, there is increased emphasis on(More)
Positive assessments of service learning as a teaching methodology have stimulated colleges and universities to adopt service learning in their curricula. This study was undertaken to determine whether service learning could be implemented effectively as a teaching methodology in dietetics education. A total of 49 undergraduate students who were enrolled in(More)
Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) was funded in July 2012 under the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, to develop, rigorously evaluate , and ethically disseminate information about the use of technologies for the care of seriously ill elderly patients and their families. TVN's vision is to position Canada as a global(More)
Optimizing heath care services for seniors in emergency departments (ED) is a core component of the " Senior Friendly Hospital Approach " being implemented in Quebec. We measured the availability of geriatric expertise in Quebec EDs and its relationship with ED characteristics such as university affiliation, number of stretchers, and geographical location.(More)
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