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BACKGROUND Adult palliative care patients and their family members experience significant psychological distress and morbidity. Psychosocial interventions adopting a systemic approach may provide a cogent model to improve the psychosocial care of families in palliative care. To facilitate design of these interventions, the construct of psychological(More)
BACKGROUND Providing opportunities for aspirant nurses to obtain pre-nursing experience features prominently in the UK Government's response to The Francis Inquiry. Evidence from the USA suggests that pre-nursing experiences, such as summer camps, have the potential to contribute to effective nurse recruitment, selection and retention strategies. However,(More)
Mentorship is an essential part of the registered nurse's role, yet few opportunities exist for student nurses to mentor others during pre-registration programmes. This paper reports student nurses' experiences of mentoring school pupils during a pre-nursing scholarship. Focus groups were conducted with fifteen final year student nurses (14 female, 1 male)(More)
The Scottish National Blood Transfusion service have developed an educational programme aimed at ensuring a high standard of care for blood transfusions to minimise risk to patients and healthcare practitioners. This paper investigates whether knowledge and understanding of, and attitudes towards, safe practice declined over time following completion of(More)
This article is a report of an action research study carried out with community nurses to help develop case management within their practice. Using action research principles, nurses reviewed and analysed their current practice and developed recommendations for further embedding case management as a means of supporting patients with complex care needs in(More)
AIM To develop a model of pre-nursing experience from evaluation of a pre-nursing scholarship for school pupils in Scotland. DESIGN Action research study. METHODS School pupils (n = 42) completed questionnaire surveys and participated in anecdote circles. Student nurses acting as pupil 'buddies' (n = 33) participated in focus groups. Descriptive(More)
Case study is a long-established research tradition which predates the recent surge in mixed-methods research. Although a myriad of nuanced definitions of case study exist, seminal case study authors agree that the use of multiple data sources typify this research approach. The expansive case study literature demonstrates a lack of clarity and guidance in(More)
  • A Smith
  • 1995
In clinical settings, nurses have observed a conflict within women who are expected to focus on caring for themselves, while their value lies in attending to the needs of others at the sacrifice of self. In this concept analysis of altruism, the term is defined and the critical attributes are identified. Model, borderline, related and contrary cases(More)