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This document provides a profile of the U.S. population in 1979 in terms of: 1) population, size, growth, and distribution, and 2) the social, economic, and racial characteristics of the population. Trends during the 1970s are also noted. The total estimated population of the U.S. in 1979 was 221,719,000. The population increased by 0.9% in 1979 and this(More)
AIM To develop a model of pre-nursing experience from evaluation of a pre-nursing scholarship for school pupils in Scotland. DESIGN Action research study. METHODS School pupils (n = 42) completed questionnaire surveys and participated in anecdote circles. Student nurses acting as pupil 'buddies' (n = 33) participated in focus groups. Descriptive(More)
Patients have a right to privacy in a health care setting. This involves conversational discretion, security of medical records and physical privacy of remaining unnoticed or unidentified when using health care services other than by those who need to know or whom the patient wishes to know. However, the privacy of cancer patients who live in rural areas is(More)
Acknowledgements This review was commissioned by NHS Highland. We are grateful to the nurse and midwifery advisors who provided support and direction for the work. Summary Evaluating the impact of nursing and midwifery sensitive clinical quality indicators on practice This narrative literature review aimed to examine the literature that identified clinical(More)
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