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Aside from performance, energy efficiency is an increasing challenge in database systems. To tackle both aspects in an integrated fashion, we pursue a hardware/software co-design approach. To fulfill the energy requirement from the hardware perspective, we utilize a low-energy processor design offering the possibility to us to place hundreds to millions of(More)
Energy awareness of database systems has emerged as a critical research topic, since energy consumption is becoming a major limiter for their scalability. Recent energy-related hardware developments trend towards offering more and more configuration opportunities for the software to control its own energy consumption. Existing research so far mainly focused(More)
Many-core systems are increasingly used in real-time settings to meet the performance requirements of advanced applications such as the classification and tracking of dynamic objects for autonomous driving [1] or the generation of safe trajectories through rough terrain [2]. Task sets of these applications are often mixtures of short running, low latency(More)
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