Annemie Dhondt

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Two experiments were run in order to investigate the relationship between syllable length of number names and eye-fixation durations during silent reading of one- and two-digit numbers. In Experiment 1, subjects had to read a series of three numbers and recall them orally; in Experiment 2, subjects had to indicate manually whether the value of the middle(More)
AIM We studied various hemodialysis strategies for the removal of protein-bound solutes, which are associated with cardiovascular damage. METHODS This study included 10 patients on standard (3 x 4 h/week) high-flux hemodialysis. Blood was collected at the dialyzer inlet and outlet at several time points during a midweek session. Total and free(More)
Introduction and Aims: Numerous cross-sectional studies evaluated in haemodialysis patients the association of specific uraemic toxin concentrations on patient outcomes at a given time point. It has however not been investigated whether in stable patients, the pre-dialysis concentration of uraemic toxins remains constant. We therefore quantified the(More)
To our knowledge, there are no studies on advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) analysing the impact of ageing on serum concentrations of uraemic toxins while adjusting for renal function. Knowledge of this feature, however, could influence prognostic assessment and therapeutic decision-making, e.g. about when to start dialysis or how intensive it should(More)
BACKGROUND Intradialytic morbid events (IMEs, mostly hypotension) are frequent complications during hemodialysis (HD). This study investigated whether automatic feedback control via adjustment of the ultrafiltration rate reduces IME frequency. METHODS In this multi-center cross-over study, 56 hypotension-prone patients were treated both with standard HD(More)
The pathophysiology of septic acute kidney injury (AKI) is incompletely understood, and there is controversy on the role of renal hypoperfusion in early sepsis. We hypothesized that renal hypoperfusion plays a role in early sepsis and that there is a continuum between transient AKI without tubular damage, transient AKI with minor tubular damage, and(More)
INTRODUCTION The prophylactic use of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator once weekly reduces the incidence rate of tunneled cuffed catheter (TCC) malfunction and bacteremia as compared to the exclusive use of heparin as locking solution. Restricting the use of prophylactic thrombolytic agents to patients with a history of thrombotic TCC malfunction(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The association of raised levels of natriuretic peptides with elevated risk of mortality was investigated in the present analysis of the Membrane Permeability Outcome study. METHODS N-terminal probrain type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) was measured in 618 incident haemodialysis patients, randomised to either high-flux or low-flux.(More)
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