Annemarie van Vonderen

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In this study, the effectiveness of instruction and video feedback on response prompting and trainer behavior of direct-care staff during one-to-one training with five children with severe intellectual disability was assessed. During instruction, written information and verbal instruction were given concerning correct and incorrect trainer behavior and(More)
The effect of immediate verbal feedback on trainer behaviour during communication training sessions with individuals with intellectual disability (ID) was assessed. Trainers were six undergraduate university students majoring in psychology. The procedure consisted of interrupting the sequence of trials of training by the supervisor and then giving brief(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the differential effects of self-management and supervisory feedback on the acquisition and maintenance of accurate use of response prompts by five trainers who provided communication training to individuals with severe intellectual disability. METHODS A counterbalanced design was used. For three trainers the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of supervisory feedback and self-management on the acquisition and generalization of correct implementation of rehabilitation training programmes implemented by direct care staff. DESIGN A non-concurrent multiple baseline design across three trainer-trainee dyads was used. METHODS Three staff members were trained(More)
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