Annemarie Lodder

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Two different ELISA assays, the Ortho HCV 3.0 ELISA (Ortho Diagnostics Systems) and the Mono-Lisa anti-HCV Plus (Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur) were evaluated for the detection of hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody in saliva samples. Specimens were collected from 152 individuals who participated in a longitudinal cohort study on HIV infection, and who used(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal depression is common and is known to affect both maternal and child health. One of the mechanisms by which maternal depression exerts its effects on child health is through an increased rate of parental disharmony. Fathers also experience depression, but the impact of this on family functioning has been less studied. The aim of this(More)
OBJECTIVES The importance of professional attitudes in medical care has long been recognized; however, medical training has not stressed attitude development until recently. In previous studies among medical students, we found that gender and specialty preference are important factors in attitudes. In this study, patient-centredness of trainees in general(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the application of weighted review criteria, developed by the Delphi technique, for the assessment of the quality of consultations concerning non-acute, abdominal complaints. DESIGN Descriptive study in two parts: (i) comparison of actual family doctor (FD)-performance with predefined review criteria; (ii) calculation of quality(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate what factors influence the quality of general practitioner performance in consultations for non-acute abdominal complaints and to establish the extent to which performance quality differs between general practitioners (GPs). DESIGN Explorative study in two parts: (i) detection of variables influencing quality scores of(More)
We theoretically analyze wave packet transmission through a phase-conjugating mirror and show that the transmission of a suitably chosen input pulse is superluminal, i.e. the peak of the pulse emerges from the mirror before the time it takes to travel the same distance in vacuum. This pulse reshaping effect can be attributed directly to the dispersion(More)
We theoretically study reflection of light by a phase-conjugating mirror preceded by a partially reflecting normal mirror. The presence of a suitably chosen normal mirror in front of the phase conjugator is found to greatly enhance the total phase-conjugate reflected power, even up to an order of magnitude. Required conditions are that the phase-conjugating(More)
The electromigration wind force in various Al alloys is calculated using a Green’s-function method for the calculation of the electronic structure. The influence of the environment of the jumping atoms is studied in detail in the Al-Cu alloy. Alloys of Al with 3d and 4sp alloying elements are studied systematically in order to investigate the relation(More)
The density of states in a normal metal in contact with a superconductor is affected by the superconductor, as a manifestation of the proximity effect or Andreev reflection. In the early days of superconductivity, this effect had been observed in thin films of normal metal on a superconducting substrate. It has been shown theoretically that for clean films(More)