Annelise de Jong

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The sustainability challenges facing society today require approaches that look beyond single product-user interactions. Focusing on socially shared practices—e.g. cooking, laundering—has been identified as a promising direction. Building on a growing body of research in sustainable HCI that takes practices as unit of analysis, this article(More)
This study investigated the effects of non-obtrusive feedback on continuous lifted hand/finger behaviour, task performance and comfort. In an experiment with 24 participants the effects of two visual and two tactile feedback signals were compared to a no-feedback condition in a computer task. Results from the objective measures showed that all types of(More)
Design for Sustainability (DfS) and Sustainable Interaction Design (SID) have a large focus on exposing norms in society around sustainability. While various legitimate arguments have been made against the limited scope of mainstream Design for Behaviour and HCI approaches within these fields, it needs further exploration on what the scope and approaches(More)
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