Annelise Solveig Krogdahl

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An enzyme with properties similar to rat liver glucokinase (Hexokinase IV or D) is present in salmon liver in addition to low-Km hexokinase(s). The specific activity of this enzyme increases about 1.6 fold, comparing activities after feeding diets with 25% and 0% digestive energy from starch. The enzyme has a low affinity for glucose, S0.5 = 25.2-26.8 mM(More)
Loss of histo-blood group A and B antigen expression is a frequent event in oral carcinomas and is associated with decreased activity of glycosyltransferases encoded by the ABO gene. We examined 30 oral squamous cell carcinomas for expression of A and B antigens and glycosyltransferases. We also examined DNA from these tumors for loss of heterozygosity(More)
1. An experiment was conducted to study the effects of inclusion of oat hulls in diets based on whole or ground wheat for broilers. Effects of wood shavings on layers were investigated in a further experiment. 2. Inclusion of oat hulls in wheat-based broiler diets did not affect weight gain. Feed conversion efficiency (FCE), corrected for insoluble fibre(More)
The molecular determinants of thyroid follicular nodules are incompletely understood and assessment of malignancy is a diagnostic challenge. Since microRNA (miRNA) analyses could provide new leads to malignant progression, we characterised the global miRNA expression in follicular adenoma (FA) and follicular carcinoma (FC). Comparison of carcinoma and(More)
T-cell-mediated hypersensitivity could be central in soybean meal (SBM)-induced intestinal changes in salmon. However, tools for immunohistochemical detection of T cells have been lacking in teleosts, including Atlantic salmon. Application of a specific histochemical protocol allowed demonstration of T-cell-like reactivities in formalin-fixed,(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim is to investigate the expression of kit protein (KIT) and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in parotid carcinomas in order to correlate the expression to histology and prognosis. Further we want to perform mutation analysis of KIT-positive adenoid cystic carcinomas. PATIENTS AND METHODS Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze clinical data and possible prognostic factors of patients with primary carcinoma of the parotid gland. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study was made of 85 patients with suspected parotid cancer who were admitted to the Center of Head and Neck Oncology at Odense University Hospital (Odense, Denmark) from 1975 to 1994. METHODS Patient(More)
Groups of fresh- and seawater-adapted Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) were fed diets with (SBM diet) or without (control diet) extracted soybean meal (30% of protein substituted with SBM) for 3 weeks. Average fish size per group ranged from 597 to 1763 g. One tank or net pen per species, dietary group and water(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnostic limitations of thyroid fine-needle aspiration (FNA), such as the indeterminate category, can be partially overcome by molecular analyses. However, until now, rearrangements have only been detected in fresh FNA material and the number of follicular thyroid carcinomas (FTCs) was rather low in previous studies. We aimed at(More)
Loss of histo-blood group A/B antigens is frequent in oral cancer. It is unclear whether this alteration is due to loss of the chromosomal region encoding the genes. The aim was to investigate genotypic alterations in the ABO locus in oral potentially malignant lesions and carcinomas. Seventy-three cases which expressed A/B antigen in normal epithelium by(More)