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BACKGROUND The Cretaceous vertebrate assemblages of Romania are famous for geographically endemic dwarfed dinosaur taxa. We report the first complete egg clutches of a dwarf lithostrotian titanosaur, from Toteşti, Romania, and its reproductive adaptation to the "island effect". METHODOLOGY/FINDINGS The egg clutches were discovered in sequential(More)
The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) is correlated with the first occurrences of earliest modern mammals in the Northern Hemisphere. The latest Paleocene Clarkforkian North American Land Mammal Age, that has yielded rodents and carnivorans, is the only exception to this rule. However, until now no pre-PETM localities have yielded modern mammals in(More)
Well-preserved jaw fragments and skull bones of a new scincomorphan lizard are described from the continental Hainin Formation (Middle Palaeocene) of the Mons Basin in southwestern Belgium. This taxon, Scincoideus haininensis gen. et sp. nov., is characterised by vermiculate dermal rugosities and represents the earliest formally recognised scincoid in(More)
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